Pet Of The Week



Age: 10 months

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Domestic Long Hair Mix

Animal ID: 40142810

Adoption Fee: $65

I hear a Symphony!

This young girl has been in our shelter for 79 days now and is still looking for the right forever home.

Symphony came to us as a stray, had probably lived mostly outdoors, and isn’t yet completely able to trust people, especially confined here at the shelter.

She has such a cute expression and her playful antics certainly draw attention.

But Symphony likes only a little bit of petting and then wants to get back to her playing.

She’d probably be a good mouser given the way she plays.

Symphony would be great for someone who wants an independent yet friendly indoor/outdoor cat who is easy to care for.

If you’re willing to give Symphony the time and space to get comfortable with you, come meet this beauty.

She can go home with you today!




Age: 6 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 34984194

Adoption Fee: $125

Sofia is the happiest dog and she LOVES kids!

Children are her favorite “people” and she is the happiest when she is with them.

Sofia is all about kisses and love so you will need to be ready for a whole lot of affection if you adopt her.

She has lived with a cat and they both steered clear of each other, but Sofia really would like to be the only pet in the home because people and children are really the ones she loves.

Sofia rides well in the car and is a perfect passenger.

Sofia knows her commands, she is house trained, a little protective of her family when someone comes to the door, and she needs to be a big part of your family and not left outside all by herself.

We think Sofia is wonderful and you will, too!



Age: 5 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Labrador Retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 34808056

Adoption Fee: $125

Penelope is a beautiful girl!

She kind of likes it because everyone thinks she is winking at them!

Penelope appreciates every moment with her people, thriving on your praise and touch.

Penelope loves people so much and she gets so excited to go out for a walk or spend time with the ones she loves.

Penelope is looking for a home where she can be the only pet so she can relax and not worry about the other animals stealing the spotlight.

She has a vibrant, fun and happy personality and when we are with Penelope her happiness is contagious!

She would enjoy having a fenced back yard to explore and relax in on sunny days.

Penelope loves going for hikes, walks and playing tug.

She will be happiest as an indoor companion, spending most of her time hanging out with you!

UPDATE: Penelope has visited the residents in Memory Care and Assisted Living and they love her!

She was so kind and gentle to everyone there.

Penelope has also been out on hikes with our volunteers and they can’t say enough good things about her!



Age: 4 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 40182172

Adoption Fee: $125

Shella is a happy gal!

She bounds out of her kennel with such joy and happiness to be with a person.

She is an adventurous gal who likes to explore and see new things making a great hiking companion for you active people.

She is content to play fetch or toss her toys on days that you are working.

Shella looks up at you with inquisitive eyes that twinkle with delight making it very hard not to love this gal.

She lived with a large male dog in her previous home and seems social with other dogs here at the shelter.

Shella is a darling gal with a big heart to share with you!



Age: 6 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 33042406

Adoption Fee: $125


Cherry is quite the lady!

She has an award-winning smile that is the gateway to her heart.

If she flashes you that smile, you know you are her new found friend.

Cherry is a playful gal who knows how to have fun and will not give up until you join the game.

She loves to “eat” water as it comes out of a hose!

Cherry has a sensitive heart and takes everything personally even if your raised voice is not directed towards her so make sure you are always kind and gentle with her.

The calmer and confident you are, the more Cherry gravitates toward you, wanting your guidance and trust.

Cherry needs a fenced yard and a home with no small animals or livestock. Cherry wants to be the center of your universe!



Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 38418059

Adoption Fee: $125

Ranger is a big brute of a guy with a grand personality!

He is all smiles and tail wags and is really eager to make a friend or two.

He loves people and gets super excited to see you.

Ranger wants to be an active part of your life, going on hikes, walks and playing fetch in the backyard.

He is a love and focuses on getting your undivided attention. Ranger does know the command sit and may know more once he settles into his new home.

Ranger is ready to explore his new life with you by his side!


For more information on how to adopt a pet or even become a volunteer, please contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or by calling: (509) 662-9577