Pet Of The Week



Age: 2 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 38247959

Adoption Fee: $125

Breana will have eyes only for you!

Your heart will pitter patter when she looks up at you with her soft, adoring eyes.

She is sweet, gentle and seems to want to trust and love her people.

She is easy to walk on the leash and is clean in her kennel so she may already have some house training.

Breana knows the command sit and takes treats nice and gentle from your hand.

She will be your secret admirer, keeping a watchful eye on you, but not always needing to be in the thick of things.

She will be happiest as an only pet and feels more at home with her people.

Is Breana the adoring gal you have been dreaming of?



Looks Like: American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Animal ID: 29334523

Adoption Fee: $125


Rocco has been with our shelter on a few different occasions.

His recent stay began in December 2017.

Rocco doesn’t do well in the shelter and has been in a foster home since January.

This special boy is amazing and he’s waited for so long to find his place.

Let’s find him a home!

Here’s what Rocco wants you to know:

  “Hi, future human family!!  My name is Rocco! I love long walks on the beach. Or really walks anywhere long as I’m with you. Sometimes, I get so excited to see new things that I try to pull you over to see them with me! I love to go and be involved in everything you do. Staying in and watching a movie on the couch is just fine too. Hopefully we can cuddle…I LOVE to cuddle! My foster mom says I’m the best kisser. I mean I’m always practicing, kissing everyone I meet. My foster mom does have cats and other dogs and I love to play with my foster brother and sister. I always back down if someone gets grumpy because I just want everyone to be happy. Two of my foster siblings are cats. One of them lets me hang out with him and as long as he doesn’t run, I don’t get too excited and play nice. Just the other day, my foster mommy caught me kissing the cat too, which confused the cat. I’m not sure why…we sleep side by side cuddling in my foster mom’s bed the whole time she is sleeping. The other cat is a scaredy cat and runs and he won’t let me meet him. I suppose I get it…I am pretty big and clumsy. My foster mom has been working on making me wait to stretch up and give you a kiss. It’s my favorite thing! I’m not too sure about playing with toys yet, I’d rather ruff house with you, but I need reminders to take a break so I don’t get carried away. Sometimes I get really lonely when you are not home, so having the playmate dogs helps me from getting bored. I don’t have accidents in the house, in fact I love my doggy door. Sometimes I just like to go out and lay in the sun and sniff the air. But on rainy days, my favorite thing is to lay in the window and watch outside. My foster mom has told me how good I am at not barking at the people walking by. Even if my foster brother and sister are barking. So if you’re looking for a super affectionate guy, I’m the one. I’m just a goofy kid in a big dog body, just waiting to be your partner in crime. I’m ready to be by your side all the time and eager to find new adventures together!” -Love Rocco

Rocco is currently in a wonderful Foster Home and if you are interested in meeting him please contact Donna (Foster Care Coordinator) at 509-662-9577 Ext. 422  or email



Age: 4.5 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 21402267

Adoption Fee: $125

Aztec is a stately guy with handsome looks and a very charming smile!

He knows how to work his magic on your heart and makes all the right moves to get your attention and keep it.

He is a social guy who likes to make his rounds in a crowd in a polite, gentle way so you might not even know he is there.

He has a spunky side that comes in spurts making him a great dog to have some playtime with only to snuggle up with on the couch later.

Aztec is good with other dogs and was friendly with our shelter cat.

Aztec has a smile and a kiss waiting just for you!




Age: 2 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix

Animal ID: 38386660

Adoption Fee: $75

This charming fellow is Dante! Dante is a social boy who loves to meet new people and say hello.

He enjoys being held and petted and likes to be with his people.

He’s also content to do his own thing, so if you need to leave him for a little while, rest assured that he’ll make himself right at home on the couch or in the window until you get back.

Dante is a big kitty and he’s looking for a BIG LOVE! Do you have a little room in your heart for this sweet boy?

Come find out by meeting Dante today!



Age: 12 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix

Animal ID: 38292290

Adoption Fee: $40

Jerry is such a special kitty, in so many ways!

Find a kitty that loves to be loved more, I dare ya!

He is so affectionate, loves to be petted and brushed.

He’s very engaging and curious.  Jerry’s shiny black coat is so soft, it’s hard not to give him all the loves he wants!

Jerry needs a home that can provide him with the special attention he needs.

He has a urinary condition called FLUTD that requires him to be on specific food, and he’ll need to be monitored to make sure he is able to urinate when using the litter box.

Our vet says that Jerry’s condition “can be managed through diet, lowering stress, encouraging water intake, and working with your local veterinarian, and I believe Jerry can have a great quality of life.”

Hello, Jerry.

Hello, Newman.



Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Terrier/Hound Mix

Animal ID: 38063350

Adoption Fee: $150

Sven is a handsome gentleman with a soft and kind heart!

He is looking for that special someone who can give him TLC and help him build his confidence in this big world.

He will rely on you for security, comfort, and support while experiencing new people and places.

He will reward you for your time and effort with lots of snuggle time and hugs.

Sven is house trained, crate trained, rides well in the car and walks great on the leash.

He loves other dogs and his ideal home is one with another 4 legged companion to spend his days with.

Sven is quite the love and will be your devoted companion!


For more information on how to adopt a pet or even become a volunteer, please contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or by calling: (509) 662-9577