Pet Of The Week



Age: 3 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: Pug/Chihuahua Mix

Animal ID: 38748871

Adoption Fee: $150

Oh, Danny…we love this little Pug mix boy!

When Danny arrived at our shelter he needed a lot of love and TLC and we knew right where to find it!

Danny joined a fabulous foster family and he is now a different dog.

Danny adores his foster family, loves belly rubs and treats, is house trained, and he has just blossomed from all their love and kindness.

The best thing for Danny has been to be with their other dogs because DANNY LOVES DOGS!

He loves to play with dogs, and be with dogs, and all dogs love Danny.

We are looking for a forever home for Danny with people who will understand that he is still a little shy, if they have another dog Danny could play with that would be wonderful, and we know that if they go slow and steady Danny will settle in and they will wonder what they ever did without him!



Age: 4 months

Sex: Female

Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair

Animal ID: 39614166

Adoption Fee: $90


I peek through the window and see her hiding next to her litter box.

As I open the door, I brightly say “Hello Zora!”.

She hisses and tries to become a part of the wall behind her.

I was not quite expecting that, so I softly say “It’s ok”, and move her litter box out of the way.

I slowly reach my hand in, making sure she can see what I’m doing, and gently scratch her chin.

As I move to her cheek, I can feel her starting to relax. Within seconds I hear her purring loudly and my heart melts.

There is more to Zora that what you see initially.

Don’t let her first impression be the only one.

Take your time and get to know her, and she will bloom for you.

This sweet girl is looking for love and security and you might be just the person she needs to give her that.

With a quiet home, a gentle touch and some patience, Zora will show you her true colors, and they are beautiful.



Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: German Shepherd

Animal ID: 38895725

Adoption Fee: $125

This handsome boy is Sullivan!

Sullivan is a total sweetheart who loves his human friends, but he wasn’t always so happy.

Sullivan came from rough beginnings.

When we first met Sullivan back in June he was very thin and worried.

He showed his stress by chewing on his tail.

He was placed in a foster home to help alleviate the stress he felt in the shelter and give him the individualized care he needed.

Now Sullivan is at a healthy weight (70 pounds!), and he is healing and opening his heart!

The more time we spend with him, the happier he is and the more affectionate he becomes as he leans in for pets and love and gives the best kisses!

Sullivan gets along well with other dogs and enjoys their company, but his true desire is to be by your side.

When he can’t be with you, he likes to be in his crate which he thinks of as his safe space.

He walks well on a leash and is excellent at sitting on command.

He enjoys taking walks and is quite active and playful too.

He is looking for an owner who likes and understands the German Shepherd breed and who can focus on continuing his training and giving him the attention he needs and deserves.

He will do best in a calm adult only home where nothing exciting happens that will lead to stress chewing.

Sullivan is a real sweetheart and a wonderful companion.

Once you meet him, you’ll understand why we’ve fallen in love with this delightful boy and know you’ll fall in love too!

Sullivan is now ready to go to his forever home!

Sullivan is currently in a foster home.

If you are interested in meeting him, please call the shelter at 509-662-9577 and we will get you in touch with his foster family.



Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 38418059

Adoption Fee: $125

Ranger is a big brute of a guy with a grand personality!

He is all smiles and tail wags and is really eager to make a friend or two.

He loves people and gets super excited to see you.

Ranger wants to be an active part of your life, going on hikes, walks and playing fetch in the backyard.

He is a love and focuses on getting your undivided attention. Ranger does know the command sit and may know more once he settles into his new home.

Ranger is ready to explore his new life with you by his side!



Age: 8 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Domestic Long Hair Mix

Animal ID: 38868978

Adoption Fee: $40

Zoey could sure use a friend.

She is needing someone special who will love her, take care of her, help her lose weight, and feel safe and secure in her new calm, quiet home.

Zoey may hide when she goes home but she will want to come out and be a big part of your life if you just give her a chance.

Every day she will gain a little more confidence and in a few weeks, she will feel safe enough to maybe snuggle with you!

Zoey is 8 years young, she is lovely, sweet, shy, and when you spend time with her you will never want to let her go!


For more information on how to adopt a pet or even become a volunteer, please contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or by calling: (509) 662-9577