Pet Of The Week



Age: 1.5 Years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 34426733

Adoption Fee: $125

  This young strapping chap will be the highlight of your life! Bronco will add a certain amount of spunk and fun into your life making sure every day is worth living. He has an outgoing, social and confident personality and he loves his people! His face lights up with pure joy when he sees a friend! Bronco is playful with other dogs and may do better with a more mellow and playful companion. This happy boy is active and loves to go for walks and the more you make him part of your everyday life welcoming him on hikes, walks or playtime, the happier and more devoted he will be to you. Bronco is looking for an owner who can complete is training so he can mature into a well-behaved adult. He has high hopes of finding his forever home soon!                      


Age: 1.5 Years

Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Animal ID: 34576011

Adoption Fee: $75

  This sweet little lady is Rizzo! Rizzo is a very shy kitty who needs a lot of encouragement. She accepts pets and being held, but is so worried that it takes her a very long time to relax. With a loving and gentle person to help her along the way, Rizzo will come out of her shell and be a most loving lap kitty. She seems to be ok with other kitties and may benefit from having a more confident feline friend to show her around. That being said, she will most likely continue to hide when she’s feeling insecure during times of change or when new visitors are around. Rizzo needs to have a quiet and tranquil home that she can relax in and feel safe. She would probably not do well with young children around who are often loud and rambunctious. Rizzo is not the kitty that will be the life of the party, but she will be the love of your life. If you can offer a patient, quiet and loving home for this sweet girl, then I encourage to you stop by and meet her today. Your heart will instantly melt and you’ll have a hard time leaving without her.                          


Age: 2 Years

Sex: Female

Breed: Siberian Husky Mix

Animal ID: 34960540

Adoption Fee: $125

  Apple will win your heart over in a matter of minutes! She has a soft, endearing personality making her easy to love and nurture. She is very gentle at heart looking to you for direction and lots of love. She came from a home with several other dogs and is a little nervous meeting dogs she is not familiar with. She is learning to walk on the leash and is looking for a home who has a securely fenced yard to keep her home safely while giving her some freedom. She is house trained and used to riding in a car. This gal wants to be the apple of your eye!                    


Age: 9.5 Years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Animal ID: 7231458

Adoption Fee: $40

  Calhoun is a really funny boy who tends toward extremes. First, you’ll notice he’s big; nearly 20 pounds. Yes, he could benefit from a diet and more exercise, but otherwise, he seems very healthy. Calhoun is also shy, very shy. He will retreat to his safe lair at an unusual sound or sight. But when Calhoun is in his comfortable, quiet surroundings, he is a loveable boy. He’ll trot to you and give you head butts to ask for pets. He’ll lie right beside you and purr contentedly while getting brushed.   Calhoun’s adopter needs to have a quiet home with no dogs or small children. He was an only pet but is OK around other cats if they aren’t aggressive or just ignore him. Calhoun would be a great cat for a busy adult who wants a little, but not too much, companionship and entertainment. Because the shelter is full of noise and new people, Calhoun is staying with a foster family. If you are interested in Calhoun, please contact his foster parents, Ann and Don, at 509-548-9967, or WVHS at 509-662-9577, ext. 2.              


Age: 10 Years

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 15467509

Adoption Fee: $125

  Chance may look serious, but do not let him fool you! He has a fun personality tucked inside that he shows around those that he is closest with. This boy would love a chance to show you his warm and loving personality. He will be a devoted friend and companion always willing to listen and give kisses when needed most. Chance would be happiest as an only pet since he has never had the chance to share his household with other 4 legged friends and may prefer not to share his people with them. He is well behaved and minds his manners indoors while you are away. He has a laid back, relaxed persona making him a great addition to most families. He likes kids too and has been around kids as young as 11 years of age. He is house trained, knows command sit and shake and rides well in the car. All this guy needs is a warm plush bed to snuggle up by the fireplace!                                

For more information on how to adopt a pet or even become a volunteer, please contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or by calling: (509) 662-9577