Pet Of The Week



Age: 7 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: Chihuahua Mix

Animal ID: 40556707

Adoption Fee: $150

Leo has been in our shelter for 88 days and his Fan Club is cheering him on every single day to find his forever home.

Leo is eager to please and sits nicely at your feet in hopes that you’ll notice him and give him a few pets.

He is just such a fantastic little dog and the star of our little dog Play Group.

Leo loves to get outside for playgroup and walks, but then he is ready for a long nap and lots of snuggles.

There is just something so special about this dog and the staff and volunteers have a special place in their hearts just for him.

Leo is good with other small dogs, loves his people, is house trained, and he always has a happy smile that makes our day a little brighter!



Age: 5 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair Mix

Animal ID: 40700588

Adoption Fee: $65

Say hello to Kyle!

This handsome beefcake has been around the block a few times; most likely on the winning side.

Kyle is fairly timid here at the shelter but is getting used to meeting different people and having hands reaching in at him.

With a little time and gentle petting and brushing, Kyle will relax, stretch out, and purr.

While he accepts being held, he’d really prefer to just be by your side rather than in your arms.

Kyle would be a great indoor/outdoor cat for someone who wants a nice cat that doesn’t demand a lot of time.

Kyle may look like a hunky bad boy, but he’s a total sweetie.

If you like the idea of polishing up a diamond in the rough, take Kyle home with you!



Age: 2.5 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Boxer/Staffordshire Terrier mix

Animal ID: 41054735

Adoption Fee: $125

This is a precious gem just waiting to be discovered!

She may not shine brightly at first glance, but spend a moment with her outside the kennel and you will soon be head over heels in love with her.

She is so tender and loving in a quieter environment making it hard not to adore her.

She is lived with kids in her previous home and is looking forward to being part of a family again.

She is learning to walk on the leash and would greatly appreciate your patience while she adjusts to indoor living.

She will repay you with lots of snuggle time and gentle kisses.

In these pictures, she has what is commonly referred to as “cherry eye”.

She has since had a procedure done to try and repair it.

Precious is ready to begin her life with you!



Age: 10+ years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Domestic Long Hair Mix

Animal ID: 40487662

Adoption Fee: $65

This Lapis is a gem!

She was a stray, so we don’t know details of her past, but we’re sure she has a lot of stories.

Lapis is an older girl, probably 10 years or so, and seems to have impaired vision.

Can you imagine what she went through fending for herself as a stray?

Her fur is almost medium length, is soft and thick, looks great, and is a joy to pet.

Because of her vision, sudden noises and movements startle her and may elicit a hiss.

Lapis would like a quiet, predictable home with good food and gentle human affection.

If you have a soft place, in your heart and home, for Lapis, she could go home with you today!



Age: 5 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: Labrador Retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 34808056

Adoption Fee: $125

Penelope is a beautiful girl!

She kind of likes it because everyone thinks she is winking at them!

Penelope appreciates every moment with her people, thriving on your praise and touch.

Penelope loves people so much and she gets so excited to go out for a walk or spend time with the ones she loves.

Penelope is looking for a home where she can be the only pet so she can relax and not worry about the other animals stealing the spotlight.

She has a vibrant, fun and happy personality and when we are with Penelope her happiness is contagious!

She would enjoy having a fenced back yard to explore and relax in on sunny days.

Penelope loves going for hikes, walks and playing tug.

She will be happiest as an indoor companion, spending most of her time hanging out with you!

UPDATE: Penelope has visited the residents in Memory Care and Assisted Living and they love her!

She was so kind and gentle to everyone there.

Penelope has also been out on hikes with our volunteers and they can’t say enough good things about her!



Age: 4 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Looks Like: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Animal ID: 40182172

Adoption Fee: $125

Shella is a happy gal!

She bounds out of her kennel with such joy and happiness to be with a person.

She is an adventurous gal who likes to explore and see new things making a great hiking companion for you active people.

She is content to play fetch or toss her toys on days that you are working.

Shella looks up at you with inquisitive eyes that twinkle with delight making it very hard not to love this gal.

She lived with a large male dog in her previous home and seems social with other dogs here at the shelter.

Shella is a darling gal with a big heart to share with you!


For more information on how to adopt a pet or even become a volunteer, please contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or by calling: (509) 662-9577